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Nowadays, every student needs the internet. Internet helps them to learn more new things. There are many tools available to them.


A student can find resources, learn new things, practice, and develop skills using those tools. It is also known as the link for students. In this article, we will share some most valuable links for students.

Links of Typing Practice

If you are studying now, this is a great time to learn typing. It will make you more productive and help you complete your homework faster. Here are some links to the best typing practice platforms:

Links of PDF Document Resources

Every student needs notes, slides, lecture documents, books, etc. Many websites are sharing them for free. Students can share their documents with others. Here are some of the best PDF document share platforms:

Links of Dictionaries

A dictionary is one of the most important tools during studying at college and university. Here are some of the best dictionary tools:

Links of Educational Games

Educational games can help a student to build their learning skill more strongly. Here are some of the best educational games for students:

Links of Question Answer Website

Quizzes help students to learn more things. We can develop our knowledge using this type of test. Here are some of the best quiz websites:

Those were the most helpful website or tools for students. Hope this list will help you. Follow our website for all new content. We publish educational content for students.

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